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A bit of Nostalgia

In Alternate Theories and Histories on April 7, 2009 at 1:54 pm

This video clip is of Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr Radio City Music Hall NYC April 4, 2009. Not great quality but interesting if you are a Beatle fan. 


My question is why reproduce a song on stage that was never meant to be put on stage? Sgt. Peppers was meant for the theatre of the mind.

Most people get caught up in the celebrity, and McCartney while being involved in many projects, always keeps the Beatles in view.WHICH IS MARKET SMART.

Nothing wrong with that at all….. this is just a question I have.


Radiohead to testify against the RIAA

In Alternate Theories and Histories on April 6, 2009 at 2:50 pm

“Radiohead, the band that made millions of dollars by giving away their music for free, has very little to complain about when it comes to piracy. On the contrary, in a landmark file-sharing case, Radiohead has responded positively to a request to testify against the RIAA.”

Their free download idea was great but only worked because they are Radiohead.

“Recently, the effects of ‘illegal’ file-sharing on music sales were discussed during the Pirate Bay trial. Here, Professor and media researcher Roger Wallis told the court that his research has shown that there is no relationship between the decline of album sales and file-sharing.”

That of course can’t possibly be true. While I believe in access, the amount of downloading certainly makes it very difficult to sell ones product.

Especially if you’re not Radiohead. (See my Music History entry)


More later….

Music History

In Alternate Theories and Histories on March 27, 2009 at 9:55 pm

It’s interesting to note when Elvis did start recording, it was with Sam Phillips an independent recording engineer. Sam Phillips was a little man, along with other recording entrepreneurs with the same spirit, taking on the big commercial labels. He pushed a lot of music that wasn’t considered mainstream and took a lot of chances to get it out in the public. It was new and exciting for many radio and record listeners. However, even then, at the time of the beginnings of rock and roll, few people could make a real living playing music in the “popular” world.

This independent spirit again caught on in the 1990’s with the digital revolution. 
It has its pros and cons. Since recording or making recordings is much more convenient with computers and laptops, this revolution has caused a glut of music all over the Internet. There doesn’t seem to be a filter on this type of production. Many say the people will be the filter of good music and art. That’s fine, but is it working?
There is also a potential audience of billions. Well the whole world is a potential audience I suppose, but is that really true?

It has always been down to the means of the message and how much time one takes to get it out. It is my feeling with so much easy access to music; most people can’t be bothered to listen. Also, listening to music through the tiny speaker on a laptop or the inefficient computer speakers does nothing for the music. In many cases this whole digital revolution has severely lowered the standard of the listener, and music in general.
Along with this negative, there is an attitude more than ever, that musicians should play for free.

The innovative and experimental rock group Radiohead recently released a “free” (or you decide what you want to pay for it) digital download titled “Rainbows” from their own website. It was suppose to be a radical experiment, and to some proved the demise of record companies, because Radiohead did make money with a so-called ” free” release. Many people chose the option for the free download of this recording. A significant amount of people did in fact pay some money. Radiohead’s experiment in a “free” release didn’t prove much of anything however. They would not have made millions if they weren’t Radiohead.

The commercial companies producing recordings are behind the “people” at this point, but they will find a way to recapture the market. We have to be honest here about one fact, unfortunately most people wait to be told what to listen to.

Sure you will have a success story once in awhile.
But, this idea that people on myspace or other places are going to really be noticed, or be able to quit their day job, is as random as it was in the days of Elvis. He walked into Sam Phillips studio to make a recording for his mother when he was 18 years of age. He paid Phillips a few bucks for the studio time to do a recording entitled “My Happiness”. The rest is history.